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What our customers say about us

Prompt, professional service!   —Nicky B., Naperville

We were impressed – very professional.   —Steve A., Wheaton

I am so very happy with Tree Green. Tree Green gives me so much peace of mind because I know that I am truly keeping my trees healthy and safe. Also, if I ever have a question or concern it has been addressed immediately. I have, and will continue to recommend, Tree Green to my family and friends.  —Kathy R., Naperville

I relax knowing my trees’ health is in your hands and carefully monitored by you.  —Dennis G., Glen Ellyn

Have always addressed any questions/concerns promptly and provided the necessary corrective action needed.   —Gedutia B., Naperville

Tree Green is sincerely concerned with the health of your trees and calls to remind you to schedule a treatment — not just sends you a reminder. I felt like part of the family.  —Linda S., Naperville

Very friendly, knowledgeable and honest. That’s hard to find these days.  —D.R., Naperville

I appreciate the knowledge about my trees and the advice about their care. Our flowering crabapple trees are the prettiest in the neighborhood.  —Ruth W., Naperville

Our 2 crabs, once riddled with blight, are now thriving. While there is a cost to everything it is worth the investment. You cannot replace valuable trees overnight.   —Jon W., Winfield

I have recommended your company to many people.   —Doris M., Naperville

I have used Tree Green for years and would highly recommend them.   —Lynn M. Matthews, Naperville

The service, friendliness and expertise from everyone I spoke with or met from Tree Green was excellent. I would highly recommend this company to everyone.   —Don G., Naperville

I’m sure our river birch wouldn’t be alive today if it weren’t for Tree Green. Thanks for saving our tree!   —Beth L., Naperville

We have been a Tree Green customer for 10+ satisfied years. Top-notch service, returning phone calls promptly and making personal visits if necessary. Thanks, Tree Green, for caring about our trees as much as we do.   —Jim and Dana C., Naperville

After many years of neglect (no fertilizer/spray) all the trees on my property have returned to health thanks to Tree Green. I was doubtful some of my arborvitae trees would ever return to health, but after consistent applications by Tree Green, all my trees look good. Thank you, Tree Green!   —Sharon B., Naperville

I feel lucky to have Tree Green looking out for me. I am very pleased with your services.   —Diane P., St. Charles

It’s nice to have such a long-standing and successful relationship. Always professional, always responsive.  —Barb L., Glen Ellyn

Our crabapple tree is lovely and healthy now – every year.  —Beth H., Naperville

The staff is professional and knowledgeable, and the service is timely.  —C. Keefner, Naperville

The Tree Green staff has been most responsive to my calls. A representative has been on my property within 24 hours, answering questions and providing solutions.   —R. Fleming, Naperville

Just compare our trees to the neighbors! Enough said!  —Mark Z., Naperville

You have always been helpful with no pressure to do additional treatments. Our crab trees flourish with your spraying.   —Lynn K., Naperville

We really appreciate your fine service. Our crabapple looks phenomenal!  —Francene T., Naperville

We are pleased with the results of Tree Green service in both routine and specialized (EAB) tree care. Everyone is helpful and courteous. We highly value replies to our questions and concerns. Thank you for always being responsive to us at your busy time.   —Joe B., Wheaton

I have been very pleased with your services and I have referred you to others.  —Patty D., West Chicago

Prompt and knowledgeable service which is essential in saving the life of my precious ornamental purple plum tree. I called in; after an hour, Jenn was on my front lawn diagnosing the tree, and next day, the technician, first hour in the morning, had done the trunk injection. Both Jenn and the technician are very professional, talented and very efficient. I definitely will use their service again and highly recommend to all.   —Andrew A., Downers Grove

My backyard is absolutely beautiful. With the rain and spraying, the trees, shrubs and flowers couldn’t look better. I have a park in my own backyard and love spending time in it. Thank you for the marvelous spraying job.   —Elsie K., Glen Ellyn

I consider your firm to be fairly priced, knowledgeable and professional.  —Steve W., Naperville

This is a terrific company!  —Fran W., Naperville

Two years ago I was ready to cut down my Pink Crab Apple tree. Then I was put in touch with Tree Green. My tree has not looked so beautiful in years. Thank you for saving my flowering Crab Apple Tree. I planted it 29 years ago and hope to continue enjoying it for many more years to come.   —Vincent, Westmont

I want to let you know that we sold our house this past May in 4 days and had 2 competing bids. The people who bought our home told us that the driving force that made them want our house was the beauty of our landscape. We have 6 ash trees, several pine trees and maple trees that Tree Green has been caring for the past many years. Our ash trees look terrific while all other ash trees in our area have died due to the Emerald Ash Borer. I'm convinced that the investment made with Tree Green helped sell our house quickly for the price we wanted. Thank you for your service and help with our trees.  —Joe & Elayne P., St. Charles

Thanks so much for taking care of our ash tree. It has become the nicest looking tree in town. We're so happy it was able to be saved.  —Cheryl T., Bartlett

I am very pleased with Tree Green's services. I've been a customer for seven years now and couldn't be happier with the way they have helped me maintain my property. My trees and shrubs, are very important to me and no one could take better care of them than Tree Green. I also sincerely appreciate the fact that you've been able to keep your prices reasonable. It's nice to be able to refer my friends to a company that is tried and true. You've got me for the long haul!  —Diane P., St. Charles

We have been using Tree Green for 14 years. We are often asked who takes care of our trees when they look at our trees and then look at the neighbor's. Thank you Tree Green!  —Beth Z., Naperville

Hi Tree Green. We just wanted you to know how thrilled we are that our Ash trees survived the Emerald Ash Borer. While it is sad that our entire neighborhood has been attacked by this pest, we are so happy that ours are thriving. Some of our neighbors wish we would have told them about Tree Green. Others have had their Ash trees treated by other companies but for some reason their treatments didn't work. When I read the literature that you leave at our house after treatment applications, and the emails that you routinely send keeping us informed about all things related to our trees, well, we expected the results that we received. One neighbor eluded to the fact that she wouldn't spend money treating trees. She said if they die, I'll replace them. But we disagree. Trees are living things. As you say in your literature, healthy mature trees add up to 15% to our property value so why wouldn't we protect them? Responsible people insure things of value, to protect themselves from a loss. Their car, their house, their health and lives. Why wouldn't we insure our trees by putting some maintenance into them every year? Besides, who wants to lose a tree that has taken 10, 20 or 200 years to achieve its current size only to have it die from a preventable problem and then replace it with a tiny tree? Seems irresponsible to me. We appreciate your customer service Tree Green. It is beyond reproach. Tree Green is hands down the best company that we have ever dealt with, and I don't mean best tree company, I mean best of any company. Thank you and feel free to share my comments with anyone you would like to share them with.   —Val D., Woodridge

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