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I am so very happy with Tree Green. Tree Green gives me so much peace of mind because I know that I am truly keeping my trees healthy and safe. Also, if I ever have a concern or question it has been addressed immediately. I have, and will continue to recommend tree Green to my family and friends.

—Kathy R., Naperville



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What Every Homeowner Should Know About
Hiring A Tree Company

Not all companies, or their services, are alike. If a tree care company offers to spray every tree and shrub on your property for one low price, consider this:

  1. Many trees and shrubs never experience insect problems at all, so why spray them?

  2. Many trees may have insects which are ‘beneficial’ insects that help support the environment. 

Case in point: BEES! Why spray azaleas, rhododendron and other garden flowers when those plants have no damaging insects, but do support bee populations?

Insects like ladybugs don’t hurt trees or shrubs at all, but they do feed on the damaging insects like Aphids that do hurt trees and shrubs.

Spray treatments should be limited to very specific trees and shrubs and to the specific damaging insects that can severely damage or kill a tree if the treatments are not applied.

Keep in mind that even though trees may have damaging insects present, their numbers may not be high enough to do enough damage to warrant spray applications to begin with!

  1. It is environmentally irresponsible to spray plants that do not require it.

  2. Realistically one has to ask themselves, how effective can an indiscriminate spraying application of an indiscriminate product, diluted enough to be offered at an unbelievably low price, be? It is Tree Green’s contention that there are so many different products specifically designed to control specific insects, that not one ‘general’ product can be universally effective. You may remember a product like this many years ago known as DDT, which ended up being outlawed by the EPA!

Tree Green takes extreme pride in our business and we detest cheap shortcuts. It weakens the integrity of the tree care industry. Tree care is a very complex field. It takes many years to properly train employees to identify all the varieties of trees and shrubs and the hundreds of insects that affect them. 

So, when a company offers an extremely low price to treat your trees, be sure to question the necessity and effectiveness of the treatment.

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