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Even though Iron may be present in suffiecient quantities, if it can't become soluble, tree roots simply cannot pick it up.



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Yellowing of Pin Oak and River Birch (IRON CHLOROSIS)

Trees exhibiting lime green and yellowing leaves are telling us they are in big trouble! When tree leaves begin yellowing between the veining in the leaf, it indicates a tree is suffering from a severe iron deficiency. Once trees start exhibiting yellowing, they generally die out in a few short years. 

Iron Chlorosis is the formal name for iron deficiency and it’s a common problem in many neighborhoods in Northeast Illinois. The problem is caused by soil that is too high in Alkaline. When the alkalinity in soil reaches 7.5 or higher, the Iron that is naturally in the soil becomes insoluble. Even though Iron may be present in sufficient quantities, if it can’t become soluble, tree roots simply cannot pick it up. Death occurs because the chlorophyll found in green leaves is not present to process sunlight into the starches and sugars the tree needs to feed; therefore, the tree progressively loses energy and declines rapidly.

Tree Green systemically injects Iron directly into the sap system of the tree once every three years. This ‘greens up’ the tree dramatically, allowing the leaves to absorb sunlight properly, thereby feeding and strengthening the tree. 

Note that this process will not work forever, but can extend the life of the tree for 10-25 years if the treatment plan is followed. The length of time the tree lives beyond the onset of the deficiency depends on the variety of the tree and its condition when treatment began.

Can chelated Iron be spread on the ground around the root system of the tree?

Can the soil be acidified to reduce the alkalinity?

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