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Given the variey of possible causes of leaves turning their fall color, a Certified Arborist should always be consulted.



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Leaves Turning Fall Colors Early

When trees turn fall color early, it’s a sign that they are in trouble. Most trees will turn color in October. But, if your trees are turning color early, such as in August, you’ll want to get them checked. This could be caused by a variety of factors.

When trees turn early it’s usually a sign that the root system is being stressed.  Several causes include:

  • Newer neighborhoods (under 30 years old) with soils heavy in clay are always a concern. Many property developers have a habit of stripping off and selling a property’s choice black dirt, leaving only 4-6 inches of this premium soil. That might be enough soil to grow grass, but it is hardly enough to expect trees and shrubs to flourish long term. Trees in these conditions usually grow and look good for 5-10 years, but once their initial growth spurt passes they require the proper nutrients to continue toward a long, healthy life, or they begin to suffer.

  • Other situations that might be causing distress in your tree include girdling roots, construction damage, and herbicides (weed killer).

Given the variety of possible causes, a Certified Arborist should always be consulted. Tree care is a highly complex field in which knowledge and experience mean everything.

The optimal solution is to have your trees fed by a professional company that understands the specific needs of trees in urban environments such as ours. Your trees’ chances of survival increase significantly with proper, professional, and high-pressure root fertilization with the highest quality products.

Please visit our Root Fertilization page for more information.

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