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Proper Way To Water Trees & Shrubs

CAUTION: Sprinkling Systems May Do More Harm Than Good!

“Established” trees and shrubs should ideally receive 2 inches of water every 10-14 days if no rain has fallen. Newly planted trees and shrubs should get thoroughly soaked once every 7 days during their first year in the ground.

Also, always soak all trees and shrubs thoroughly just prior to the winter ground freeze, even if it means watering in late November. This is especially true of plants like Euonymus, Boxwoods, Rhododendron and Conifers (Pines), or any plant that holds its leaves or needles all winter long.

How do I water properly and judge 2 inches in the area that I am watering?

Is it OK to water with a probe?

I have an automatic watering system on a timer. Shouldn’t my plants be getting plenty of water?

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